Chopping, dicing, sautee-ing…

Well, let’s just say that I hit both recipes out of the ballpark this weekend.  🙂  I know, nothing like patting yourself on the back a little bit.  Either I hit on some seriously idiot-proof recipes, or I have a bit more talent in the kitchen than even I thought I had.  😀

First up, Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burritos.  Let’s just make a mental note, shall we?  This recipe calls for cumin.  Never cooked with it before.  But when I opened the bottle, I smelled the delicious aroma of taco seasoning and thought, “meh, I’ll add the 2 tsp it calls for”.  This not only added an earthy flavour, but a butt-load of kick.  LOL  Thankfully, I had some vegan sour cream on hand and that cleared that problem right up (though, Darin refuses to sleep with me after eating said burritos…I think he is trying to tell me something…lol).  Here is what it turned out like:

I am a “noob” when it comes to pictures, so you will have to bear with me.  🙂

Next up was Vegan Enchiladas.  The picture for this didn’t turn out all that great – you can thank the Blackberry for that one.  :/  I cannot find my digital camera since we moved back into our house last year, so I am stuck for now.  Good Lord, I couldn’t stop eating this.  Mmmm…get in my belly…:

You can find both recipes here and here.  🙂  That is my “go-to” site, I think.  I have pinned more of her recipes than I care to admit, and honestly, if these two are any indication of what the food is like, my tummy is in for a mega-treat!  🙂

This weekend has some fake mac n’ cheese on tap, along with curried chickpea salad and some sweet potato buns.  I can hardly wait.

On another note, I am presently taking a course in a specific kind of database (called Summation – simply put, large case load file database, easily searchable, etc….I could go on, but I would probably bore you out of your tree, so I won’t).  I have a certification exam in 3 weeks, so I will be devoting my time every other night to studying…that being said, I may not be able to post every single day.  So bear with me.  😉  This is pretty important for my career (I am a senior legal assistant), so it does mean a lot to me and it is a pretty intensive course.

Well, I should probably be getting to bed.  I have had a long Monday and a very long, busy weekend.  I just want to snuggle in bed and sleep.  🙂  See you in a couple of days!


About mommy2caitlyn

Recently had a health scare and diagnosed with very high blood pressure. My doc suggested I read some books (which I will speak about throughout the blog), and I have taken the suggestions contained therein to heart (haha) and am embarking (as much as I can) on a new journey of health, nutrition, meditation and serenity. This blog will have links to great recipes, discussions about various lifestyles and scientific journals. Let me say though, this is NOT a meat-eater bash. Please, keep it respectful! I love my meat eating husband...and daughter...I don't want to put up with people slammin' that. :/
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One Response to Chopping, dicing, sautee-ing…

  1. amy says:

    Vegetarianism/veganism is a enduring commitment to flatulence. Get Beano, or get some simethicone (same as for gassy bunnies) or Gas-X. There are a hundred sites/books that claim you can make gas-free beans, but that is BS. AGH- Aint Gonna Happen.
    Cumin is a great spice used in many bean-heavy cuisines from all parts of the world. Probably my fave dried spice for veg cooking.
    I’m an experienced cook, baker & food-lover, so much of the recipes you’ve pointed up have ingredients I’m familiar with/jaded to. Hell- I grew up in New York, what can I say? But truly, there are great flavors to discover, and the less fat you eat, the less meat, the more you will rely on fresh herbs, dry spices, garlic, onions, nut & seed butters, vinegars & so forth for flavor, which is great. Secret tip- find some Spanish “pimenton” or smoked paprika- killer! Hot is of course good, but “sweet” is mainly red & smoky & gives soup great depth, is excellent with beans and gives anything chili or stew-ish an extra layer of flavor.
    I think the woman that runs that OSG website is a little freaky- she sounds like a classic (as a former dancer I know many!) self-censoring diet martyr using a health regimen to cover up an eating disorder, frankly, (worrying about 1/2 cup of olive oil in a dressing recipe meant to cover four portions of fat-free grains, lentils & vegetables, for a vegan diet- really???). However, many of her dishes & advice items seem reasonable. She also appears to be an exercise fanatic. I’d proceed with caution on her advice on non-food issues. But c’mon- an entire section devoted to faux desserts?Just skip dessert for some fruit or a cocktail or nothing. Anyone that invested in recreating actual treats is probably really bad in bed. Need I say more? 🙂

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